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Meet Mathew Mosveen, a local entrepreneur, seasoned pilot, toastmaster extraordinaire, and self-proclaimed foodie. Being good friends for a number of years now, I recently had the opportunity and privilege to work closely with Mat on an exciting new project that combines all of his aforementioned passions.


Radio Chatter Host Mathew Mosveen sitting in plane cockpit


Today, we’re proud to introduce his web-based video series Radio Chatter, an exciting spectacle that brings conversations to new heights – quite literally!

In Radio Chatter, Mat and his special guests chat about anything and everything under the sun from a new, unique perspective. This series of video interviews take place in the cockpit of a Cessna 172, with sweeping aerial views of the Pacific Northwest. Along for the ride are a variety of individuals including celebrities, actors, musicians, entrepreneurs, and more!

Although this project is ongoing, I wanted to break down the branding process of working with Mat and how we’ve arrived at a visual that he’s pleased with. So today, I’m going to walk you through the particulars of the Radio Chatter logo and what contributed to the overall stylistic feel.


The Process

Initial Research

To start, Mat and I had an in-depth conversation about his vision for a RC logo and the feel that it would need to convey to capture attention. His primary focus was on Millennials with an interest in YouTube videos, local music, casual interviews, and a dash of humour to keep things light-hearted and interesting. He also wanted a logo and brand that portrayed a retro, throwback feel with a nod to both aviation and radio culture.

We worked with a key message in mind: creating branding around a lively, dynamic atmosphere for easy conversation while showcasing the natural beauty of Vancouver Island, the Pacific Northwest, and beyond!


Brand Strategy & Design

I started my design process researching a variety of retro fonts, logos, colours, and style that I believed fit Mat’s needs. Within this process, I created a mood board that helped me to visually summarize the direction that I wanted to take the logo.


Radio Chatter Moodboard


Once the tone was set, I began my initial sketches of icons, logomark, and logotypes with pencil and paper to help me visualize potential concepts and how I would begin to fit the various pieces together. For the lettering, I wanted to create something special beyond a pre-set font in order to convey an authentic, hand-crafted feel.


Radio Chatter sketches in journal


From here, I moved to digitally illustrate the sketches and designs. By mapping out the colour palate, background patterns, and logo variations, I pieced together elements that I felt would accurately represent the brand identity that Mat was looking for.



After creating a few different variations of the logo, I presented my concepts to Mat. I found his response to be both encouraging and hilarious.

“HOLY BALLS. THIS IS SO COOL! This is way better than anything I could have created!”

Honestly, this is one of my favourite feelings as a designer. Being able to take the bits and pieces of an idea in someone else’s head and transmute them into something tangible is so rewarding for everyone involved.

After the reveal, we reviewed the logo in different mock-ups to show how diversely it could be used. We chatted about using the logo for web, print, apparel, and how we could add some finishing touches. With a little more experimenting, we settled on the final product as seen below.


Radio Chatter logotype with tagline in white on red background

Radio Chatter icon set in grid of nine

Radio Chatter branding with sky blue background

Radio Chatter logomark with sans serif font


I had loads of fun working on this project and it felt like time just flew by working with Mat! Check out Radio Chatter and follow along as the series debuts.

Instagram: @radiochattershow

Facebook: @radiochatter

Youtube: Radio Chatter


If you’re looking to bring your brand to new heights, feel free to browse my website and see what services I offer. I would love to hear from you! Just send me an email with details on what you’re looking for and we can work together to create something that expresses your brand!



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