While searching for the perfect name to brand my design studio, I gathered thoughts on paper and wrote down everything related to my passions, values, and interests. As a result, a recurring theme began to emerge. Each word seemed to be connected in some way to nature— bridging a love for animals with outdoor adventures, a sunny patch of grass with group picnics, and so on. It was clear that a path had been forged. Then, all it took was a marathon online hunt and a glass or two of cider.

Bold of spirit, yet gentle of heart, Artio immediately stood out as a strong and playful name. As the Celtic Goddess of wildlife and transformation, her symbolism and themes aligned well with my values and passions in design.

So, after landing on a meaningful name, the branding came quite naturally. The logotype is clean and crisp yet soft and whimsical, with a subtle twinkle as a final touch. Each illustrative element represents the themes surrounding Artio, a bear for wildlife and transformation and floral vines for nature. All in all, this personal branding project fed my passion for design and the desire to create thoughtful, compelling work.

Artio Design Co.
Personal Branding

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