Meet Artio, goddess of wildlife and transformation. Legend has it she walks the earth as a bear, emerging in Spring to welcome new life and a fruitful harvest. Calling on my Celtic roots, Artio Design Co. embodies this force of nature, shaping ideas into thoughtful stories that lift brands and cultivate value.


Creative by nature.
Wild for design.

What began as a favourite childhood pastime, endlessly filling sketchbooks with my imagination, soon flourished into a deep-rooted passion for design and illustration. Since then, I have worked with clients near and far, transforming ideas into visually compelling brands. With this purpose in mind, Artio is here to help make your brand unforgettable.


Meet Emily
Artio Logo Bear Badge in Cream

I had the pleasure to work with Emily on many different projects. I was constantly impressed with her abilities and creativity. During our time together I relied on her greatly and she never disappointed. She is a master of her craft and a true professional.

Devin Edwards

Emily's tight-knit consideration, talent, focus and creativity is rare. She listens carefully to your “this is what I’m thinking” then hones, develops and realizes this vision with clarity and style. I have had the pleasure of being both her client and collaborator and could not recommend her more.

Gillie Easdon

Great adventures start with an idea. Ready to share your vision and make something magical? That’s the spirit! Send me a message and let’s dive into all the juicy deets. 

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