Hi! My name is Emily, the creative behind Artio Design Co.—a lively little studio for independent businesses who value authentic, well-crafted experiences and aspire to build meaningful connections with their audience.

You have a great idea but now you’re wondering how to bring it to life. You seek a brand that entices your audience, but you need direction. Truly, I understand the feeling well and know how daunting taking the first step can be. That’s why I’m here, to guide you on this journey and make your dream come true. Whether you’re looking for a fresh logo, modern website, custom illustration or beyond, I get excited for new adventures!

About Emily

Growing up on Vancouver Island, surrounded by serene wilderness, gave me a never-ending source of inspiration in my life and creative career.

In fact, from drawing dream tree forts to imaginary creatures, nature brought me further outdoors and closer to my sketchbook. Ultimately, this led me to a path in graphic design. After graduating with a Bachelor of Design degree at Vancouver Island University, I ventured to Victoria to embrace an agency setting. Since then, I’ve worked on both a local and international scale, delivering strategic designs for clients along California’s coast to the charming city of Boston.

All in all, working in a prominent agency prepared me for an exciting new chapter. In 2018, I unearthed my entrepreneurial spirit and formed my own creative studio, Artio Design Co.—with the goal of helping individuals and businesses through purposeful visuals that resonate with their audience. So, what are you waiting for? Send me an email and let’s chat about your project!


Curious to learn more about Artio and how I can cultivate your brand? Wander on over and let’s discover if we’ll work together like poetry in motion.