Nurture growth.

Artio Design Co. is a multidisciplinary studio with a focus on branding, illustration, lettering, and web designhere to serve independent businesses across Vancouver Island and beyond.

If you’re looking to transform your brand into a genuine, rich experience then join forces with Artio. We’ll capture the essence of your story and grow it into a beautiful brand to be proud of. With that in mind, below is a list of key services I offer:

Branding Identity

Creative Direction


Lettering & Type

Web Design

Editorial & Layout

Environmental Design

Package Design

Print & Publication

Are we kindred spirits?

Will we be a well-fitted match?
Will a friendship easily hatch?
Follow along and you may find
A newfound dream to bear in mind

You follow your heart, value hard work
Can laugh at yourself and own every quirk
You admire quality handmade looks
Like the feeling given from beloved books

Nature feeds your inspiration
Nourishing joy and exhilaration
Your spirit craves adventure galore
A chance for risks and space to explore

You fancy strong and thoughtful design
Like a fine aged cheese or bottle of wine
Entrusting your vision safely with me
Is a gift you’ll offer up willingly

Does this sound splendid, made for you?
Together we will cheer on cue!
Now’s the time to share and connect
So send me a note with a fun subject

Keep smiling,

Emily 🙂


Great adventures start with an idea. Ready to share your vision and make something magical? Now that’s the spirit! Send me a message and let’s dive into all the juicy deets.